Friday, April 28, 2017


Hope is a feeling that you have when you want something to happen. Hope might be the thing that motivates you do keep trying to get the things that you want. It can also be lost easily when you try to get or do something, but it never happens. Like when you try to succeed at something and you try and fail, but you keep and keep trying over and over again but you don't see any changes, that's when people start losing hope. Most people don’t have hope, but they might don’t know that everything happens for a reason and they don’t know what tomorrow might bring them. My mom is an example of someone that has faith and hope she's always telling me that if I have faith and hope things are going to be better. Hope can might be restored by the people you hang out with. If you're around people that even if bad things happen to them and they're still faithful and hopeful you might start to be like them. Some people say that hope comes from the things you believe in. Other people say that hope comes from the heart. To be honest I don’t know where it comes from, but I think that if you have hope that is something important because having hope is what motivates you do try to get the things you want in life. I think that the thing the gives me hope is that when I grow up I want to be a successful person and to be able to help my mom as much as she's helping me now.

Monday, March 20, 2017

"The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas"

What I noticed about that society is that they all want to be happy and that they don't want to face the reality of life. They just want to live in a fantasy and everything to be perfect without having any problems or having to suffer in life. They just want to have the perfect life of always being happy. The boy in the basement might represent the ugly reality of life and when people doesn't like that reality they want to hide it or avoid it and act like f it wasn't there. I think that the ones who walk away are the ones that see the reality of life and they don't want to face it and they walk away from reality. I think that the society of Omelas and our society have something in common and that is that some people act like if everything was perfect and they pretend to always be happy, but they might have something to hide something that doesn't really make them happy. Another thing that they have in common is that in reality when people see the reality and they don't like it they try to avoid it by going away or they just try to hide it so that nobody notice it.  I think that it is better to live a life having to suffer for something you want and not having to suffer at all and pretend that everything is perfect and avoiding the reality.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Social Justice

Social justice is something important in our society that should be respected by everyone. Everyone should be able to feel safe in the environment that they live in.

It is important to value social justice because it is needed to teach residents and students how to respect one and other. This is especially important when the matter deals with an issue of culture and background, because a respect towards diversity, and showing understanding towards other views is an important aspect of social justice. We have to value social justice because everyone should feel accepted in the environment that they live in. Some prevalent issues now are abortion, government mandates, but one of the big ones is discrimination. Discrimination is a big problem right now because there is a lot of people that discriminate others based on their culture, religion, etc. Discrimination is a big problem in social justice because some people still have to face discrimination in jobs or even in their neighborhoods.

The issue in social justice that concerns me the most is equal rights. This issue concerns me the most because right now some people get more rights than others and it concerns me that in the future people might also lose some type of rights. Everyone should have the same rights and for that it shouldn’t have to matter race, religion, sex, etc. We all dream of a better safer future. The Brady campaign wants to cut the number of gun deaths in 1/2 by 2015. People in the business of selling firearms must conduct background checks.

We should start to value social justice so that our dream of a better safer future can come true. We need to learn how to treat each other with respect so that everyone can feel comfortable in the environment that they live in.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

TED Talk How to raise successful kids -- without over-parenting

Parents  think that in order to have a successful they have to be over-parenting and over protective. Raising kids like that can be a bad thing because they don't even have free time because their parents only want them to be studying and doing their homework. Parent say that they want their kids to be happy, but when kids get home from school the only thing that parents as fro is their grades. Kids might even get anxiety and depression because of parents being raising them like that. Having your kids only do the things that you want them to do and just being with them all the time they can even sense the message that they can't do anything without their parent. Because of parents being over helping or over protecting their kids might not even develop self efficacy. Self efficacy is build when we see that our own actions lead to outcome. If kids are to develop self efficacy then they must do a hole more of the thinking, planning, deciding, dreaming and experiencing of life for themselves. Also I'm not trying to say that every kid is hard working and parents should just back off because kids need parents to tell them when they are doing something bad, but also parents don't need to be over protective in their kids lives. Kids must have the right to make their own choices in their own live in order for them to develop self efficacy. Teenagers must also do more thinking for themselves and they have to be responsible in order to get good grades.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


For me happiness is really important because if you're not happy you're going to have a sad life and you might be rude to other people just because you want them to feel the same way as you feel. Happiness is a really important part of your life that you should think about in every decision that you make in live. Make sure that you decision is something that is going to make you happy or that in the future is something that you're going to enjoy doing. I have a lot of things in my life that makes me happy and one of those things are my family and friends. My family makes me happy because I know that I can trust them, and that they are never going to turn their backs on me. My friends also make me happy because every time that I'm with them I have a fun time, and I know that I can really trust them. Another important thing in my life that makes me happy is exercising. Most people do exercise without enjoying it, but for me is something that I do because I enjoy it and it makes me feel good after I finish exercising. The secret for happiness is doing what you like/enjoy and don't think too much of the bad things that people say about you because there are always going to be people that have something bad to say. Just do things that are going to make you happy, but also make sure that those things are not bad.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Stereotypes/ Misperceptions

We all have stereotypes someone at least once in our lifetime. We judge people based on their appearances without really knowing the person. I also have judged people based on their appearances without knowing the person or the reasons why are they dressed up like that. The time I judged someone based on their appearances I learned a lesson because the person I was judging turn out to be a different person then the person a though he was. One time I was with my brother at the mall and I saw a little a man and he looked like if he was homeless, but after a time I found out that he was a son of a lawyer and I knew that because I heard him talking on the phone and the reason why he was dressed like that it was before he went to the park with his kids and he got dirty and he said that he wasn't a lawyer yet, that it was his dad. After that I learned that before someone starts talking bad about someone without knowing them, first they need to know what is there story or know them and the reasons why that person is dressed like that or why they act like that.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How much self-control do you have?

I can have a lot of self-control when I'm at class because when I have to do a test or I have to work on something I can stay quiet and concentrated for a long time. Also sometimes I don't have self-control like when I get really upset about something or someone I don't have control of my actions or about what I say, and sometimes when I'm really upset I don't think about my actions two times or about the consequences it could have. My self-control can depend on a lot of things. I think that I need to work a little bit on that because having self-control can be really important because if you don't have self-control and you get really upset you can do something really bad that you weren't aware of doing and it can get you a lot of problems and if it is something really bad you could even ruin your life because of the thing you did for not having control over yourself. I'm gonna work on that by doing something that relax me when I get upset and after I have my mind clear now I can think about what I'm going to do. And after I found a way to control myself when I get really mad now I could have absolutely control over me and not have to worry about me doing something that it could get me a lot of problems that I couldn't want to face.